Feb, 22 Posted by admin

Click any of the pictures to visit the Media Section!
Hey guys!
Things are quiet in Marie’s world right now, so I’ve been working on a few things for the site that I hope you all will like!

  1. First, I’ve added Marie’s Twitter and Instagram to the sidebar so you guys can follow her.  She posts frequently so be sure to follow and support her!
  2. As I am getting the site to be more active, I am accepting friends/affiliates for the site! Click HERE to apply so we can support each other! Any site is welcome!
  3. I am slowly but surely (and hopefully soon) getting the gallery updated.  It’s missing a lot of pictures so I am trying to find all the pictures I can of her so you guys can have a full gallery!
  4. I am also working on new looks for the main site and for the gallery, so stay tuned to that! (I am hoping for the next week or two to order the layouts and hopefully have something by the beginning of March!)
  5. and lastly, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST (the best part actually), WE HAVE A NEW MEDIA SECTION! Currently, you can find icons, signatures, and wallpapers for your needs! Click HERE to visit the Media Section!

Well that’s about it for the site updates! Still waiting (im)patiently for the Season 6 start of The 100! As always, I am looking for suggestions for the site, so let me know what you guys think! I also got the site’s twitter working so let me know what you think/ follow us  @avgeropouloscom!