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The diverse Indian culture attracts a number foreign celebrities to the country. The Braj region in particular, being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, attracts a large number of foreign visitors every year.

by Siraj Qureshi for India Today

One such foreign traveller is Marie Avgeropoulos, a Canadian-born actress and one of the stars of Emmy-nominated sci-fi series, The 100, arrived in Mathura recently to visit Sandipan Muni, a school for poor kids operated by the Food for Life organisation.

During her visit, Marie interacted with students and teachers at Sandipan Muni, to gain more knowledge about their culture, education system and way of life. The actress also went a step ahead and adopted one of the kids at school, taking responsibility of his education.

Marie has been connected with Food For Life for over a year now, and on June 15, 2017, Marie hosted an event for the benefit of Food for Life Vrindavan in Los Angeles. The event featured a documentary about the charity, which was created by Marie’s Without Exception Films.

While talking to India Today, Marie–whose movie career started in 2009 with I Love You Beth Cooper–said she got an opportunity to connect with Lord Krishna in this visit and got to know India more closely than she ever could’ve while living in the United States. She also said that it was her childhood dream to learn about Krishna and India, which was realised by her association with Food for Life.

Rupa Raghunath Das, the founder of Food For Life said, “Marie’s visit was a very exciting event for the kids of the school; she has set a great example by adopting a child, which will prompt other foreign guests to do the same. If Bollywood actors also followed this example, these kids will have a shot at equal opportunity and quality education, like so many other children in the country.”

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The 100 returns Tuesday, April 24 on The CW.

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admin February 7th, 2018 Gallery , Appearances & Events

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I have updated the gallery with the missing photoshoots & portraits from the past 2 years. Check them out by visiting the links below.

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