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I have added 15 photos from this session to the gallery! You can view by clicking on the photos above or the link below.

Marie was featured in the summer edition of Regard Magazine, where she discusses her acting start, role as Octavia Blake, upcoming projects, and more. She also stuns in several gorgeous outfits, and talks about her fashion choices, as quoted from the magazine:

RM: When it comes to fashion, which designers do you gravitate to and which ones fit your personal sense of style?

Marie: I’m super casual. Heels for me are maybe a 3 times a year thing! I love the street style and comfort of All Saints. I can switch from day to night, and the variety of leathers are awesome on my Harley, when I’m cruising the streets on my bike. Zadie and Voltaire also turns my head. They have also nailed the feminine with edge vibe in my book.

You can read this issue of Regard Magazine HERE.

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